HAPI - Friday 25th Sept is Now Cancelled!


(Tickets for this film are valid for 24 hrs if you cannot make our event start time)

Please sign up and open an account by adding your full name, email address and using a password of your choice to purchase tickets to watch the HAPI film.
(Make sure to log out after; if you do not log out when you do come back to watch the film on the day, you may have issues as you wont be able to see the log-in box and this may confuse you (as you are already logged in), if you find that no log-in box appears like previous when you purchased your tickets then just refresh the web page and you will either get the film starting automatically if you are doing this on the appointed time; or you may get a message saying 'The premium content will be available starting...etc etc' this means that you are trying to access it before the exact start time - just wait until the appointed time and refresh the page again and the video should start automatically if you are already logged in).. Otherwise if you did logout previously after buying your ticket follow the instructions below.

Additional Guidance:

On the day of your chosen online screening to view the film, please complete the following steps at the scheduled time of the screening:

1. Come back to this site

2. Open ‘Tickets’ page and click the HAPI event Image for the appropriate date

3. Click "Log In" (Next to the Sign Up button)

4. Input the EMAIL and PASSWORD you used when originally purchasing the movie.

5. Click "Log In" (bottom of the box) and the movie player will appear.

6. Click the "Play" button and ENJOY HAPI.
(If you receive a message like this when attempting to log-in 'The premium content will be available starting'....,
then it means you are trying to log in too early before the film start time)

The live performance and Q&A after the film will start 15 mins after the end of the film and be conducted separately via Zoom, we will send you a separate email prior with the Zoom Q&A link. Exactly 15 mins after the film log into Zoom using link provided and enjoy the Q&A. If you have any issues accessing the film or Q&A on the day/time of screening then please contact: or call 07961 977 749 or 0203 070 3200.