March 3, 2016
March 3, 2016

Camden Black History Season – 'Back to the Future' in Association With Kush Films Presents A Special #BHS Film Talk & Exclusive Film Screening

Thursday 26th November 2020

Kush Talks moderated by: Marlon Palmer






6.30pm: Start of panel discussion
Marlon Palmer director of Kush Films welcomes audience and introduces the evenings proceedings.
6.45pm: Panel discussion starts (1 hr)
7.50pm - Film: Black Joy (1hr, 37 mins)
9.30pm: film finish

Panel Discussion: The Legacy of Black Film Exhibition in The UK.

A one hour talk with a special guest panel of black film exhibitors that opened the doors to UK cinemas and carried on the legacy of creating public access to the best black films on the big screen.

Guest Film Exhibitors:

Iyare Igiehon (Soul Fest), Lara Samuels (Rapport festival), Teanne Andrews (We Are Parable), Chris Burton (Black Pyramid Films - Bristol) & Devon Daley (Feel Good Film Club - Derby)


Black Joy Trailer

An Innocent and unsophisticated Guyanan immigrant is exposed to the hustling ways of life of the Briton ghetto.

Cast: Norman Beaton, Floella Benjamin Paul Medford, Oscar James, Dawn Hope & Trevor Thomas.
Director: Anthony Simmons
UK / 1977 / 97 mins /15