March 3, 2016
March 3, 2016

A brand new empowering documentary embracing black economic development featuring a fantastic line-up of leading African-American black history, economics & psychology intellectual experts never before seen all together in one documentary film.


HAPI is more than just a film, it’s “a movement of economic empowerment.

European Premiere & Q&A


+ subsequent screenings in



+ A Special Live Artiste Performance
at each screening from the likes of conscious rapper
'World Changer’ Mikel Ameen, UK talent Jordan Thomas (11th) & American soul artiste Marlon Saunders (25th)

Q&A Moderated by: Tony Warner (Black History Walks) & Livingston Gilchrist
with various intellectual participant speakers from the HAPI film and UK guest authors & lecturers Robin Walker & Dr. Michelle Asantewa

Now Only: £10.00
(Reduced price for all subsequent screenings after our premiere on 28th Aug)
(Tickets for this film are valid for 24 hrs if you cannot make our event start time & 70% proceeds goes to HAPI 'Financial Wellness' Movement)

7.30pm - 9.45pm: Film
(Then 15 min break and switch over to Zoom for Q&A)
10.00pm: Live performance and Q&A



The HAPI film presents a snapshot of our economic history spanning from the dawn of civilization to today. It begins by investigating the failure of a ‘consumption driven Black economy’, systematic poverty, disenfranchisement and the decline of entrepreneurship. It later addresses its complex problems and provides innovative ideas to successfully compete in the global economy.

The underlying theme of the film is the interrelationship between the three essential components of economics, politics and culture. We’ve brought together some of the brightest minds in psychology, history, and business to explore the “BIG PICTURE”— the history of world economic development and our present socio - economic conditions.

Some of cast include: Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Dr. Zahi Hawass, Professor James Smalls, Dr. Watson, Jabari Osaze and more.

Our goal is to spread economic literacy - essentially creating a dialogue that will enable those to become financially astute. Hapi offers economic solutions that are obtainable and easily implemented. Additionally, it’s important to note how politics impacts us economically and then understand how they work in conjunction.

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