A short edited version of the history of Kush Films, Kush Promotions & PR, Kush Community Arts & Media Development
(not-for-profit) & new distribution arm Nu-Urban Image International Pictures.

Kush Films / Kush Promotions & PR and Nu-Urban Image International Pictures has for the last 21+ years been at the forefront of consistently marketing and exhibiting black films in the UK. Director Marlon Palmer is known as the UK’s leading Marketing/PR and Film Exhibition/Distribution specialist of urban films. In 1998 he created a job for himself and set out to establish an exhibition and marketing platform for disadvantaged black filmmakers thus the renowned ‘Kush Film Club’ was launched, now known as the Kush Film Boutique.

Through the London based film club; UK audiences were the first to see the best new shorts films from black filmmakers along with exclusive and premiere screenings of indie and mainstream films like: Eve’s Bayou, Daughters of the Dust, The Players Club, Rush Hour, Belly, Romeo Must Die, Shaft, Scary Movie, Bullet Boy, Ray, Crash, Coach Carter, Beauty Shop, Four Brothers and many other films in various prestigious cinemas across London. From 2004 the renowned film club was based in the heart of the West End of London at prestigious cinemas like The Odeon, Covent Garden & the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Sq.

The Kush Film Boutique entertained audiences monthly at the prestigious Regent St Cinema from 2015 – 2018 (the UK’s first ever original cinema which was refurbished and relaunched with National Lottery funding in 2015). Now in its 21st year; the film club is the UK’s longest running consistent exhibition platform for urban/black films with over 300 films exclusively screened or premiered to date.

The popular Film Boutique film club also travelled and was taken outside of London to film fan audiences in Bristol and Leeds and also operated for a whole year in Birmingham & Luton in 2013.

Marlon also set up Kush Promotions & PR in 2009 and through this company went onto uniquely be consulted as a marketing/PR specialist as he still is today by independent filmmakers and many major film distributors and has worked on numerous marketing campaigns for various mainstream theatrical and Home Entertainment releases (also in the past many HE martial art film releases for specialist DVD distributors); films like: Crouching Dragon-Hidden Tiger, Ong Bak, Ray, Crash, Baggage Claim, Black Nativity, The Butler, 12 Years A Slave, Fruitvale Station, Half A Yellow Sun, Starred Up, The Maze Runner, Gone Too Far, Selma, Top Five, Dolemite, 21 Bridges, Queen and Slim and one-off special screenings for many others.

Through Nu-Urban Image International Pictures the business has moved into film distribution and distributed films The Story of Lovers Rock & Jamaican film Ghett’ A Life in 2011 and moved fully into distribution with the release of Jamaican film Sprinter in 2019.

The not-for-profit arm of the business Kush Community Arts & Media Development was set-up in 2001 to give back to the community and through this various multi-media training courses, workshops, youth talent showcases, a 3- year Black History Month Film Festival, Martin Luther King ‘I Have A Dream’ Schools Competition and important Gun and Knife crime awareness events have been put on; and more recently in 2016 the Go-Getters Networking Event was successfully set up in response to the Oscars ® So-White and International Film Industry Diversity debate to bring pro-active aspiring BME (Black Minority Ethnic) film/TV industry personnel together.

Marlon Palmer for 21 long years more than anyone else has led the way in opening film industry doors, forging access to numerous UK cinemas across the UK when it was non-existent, recognised by mainstream distributors and hired as a marketing consultant on numerous major film campaigns and through his companies doing what no other Black led Film Exhibition/PR company has ever done before in the UK – he is recognised by all current-day black/urban film exhibitors as a pioneer and fore-runner in the UK film Industry.

Kush Films - making a difference in the community since 1998!