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The Lions Gate Watch – Respect Is Due, Where Respect Is Due!



The “Lions Gate” Watch

Diary Of A Tired Black Film Promoter – Continued






Greetings & Good Day My Friends, Supporters & Patrons.

I hope at this moment life for you feel’s good and your eyes are set firmly on your goals and objectives!

As some of you will know I have recently been venting my frustrations at Lions Gate Films (who are releasing the Tyler Perry films here in the UK) and the industry as a whole regarding the lack of opportunities and fair treatment for black led companies in the UK’s film industry.

Well, I can now inform you that after my initial consternation regarding Lions Gate Films the big CEO and Mr. Christopher Bailey (head of Theatrical) have heard my cry out and responded favourably to a direct letter sent to the CEO (if you want results you go to the top).  

They also saw my complaints on the website and have made good and remunerated me for my submitted proposals and addressed the confusion I encountered when dealing with their marketing team. 

And as the professional and fair people the management are, they have also granted Kush the permission to screen the Tyler Perry film “Madea’s Family Reunion” on Sunday 19th September (5.00 pm).

I would like to take this time to thank them very much!



In regards to supporting the Tyler Perry releases on DVD and at the cinema, as you already know we have waited a long time for these titles to be released here in the UK, finally they are here and I hope you all put your hands in your pockets and purses and financially support the UK release of these films. This will in return encourage Lions Gate Films UK to release all the other Tyler Perry films here in the UK, especially as they have already done so well on release in the US.

As they say: All’s well, that ends well!