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It is with regret that we have to put up this post, but maybe at the same time this is a good wake up call for the London African-Caribbean community who in my opinion need to regain consciousness, stand-up on their own two feet and come together collectively to support a much-needed organisation like the ACLT – who has carried out some great work in our community. As of the beginning of 2011 they are no longer supported by local government funding due to cuts by the new so-called Con-dem government, and this has devastated their organisation. 

Below is a message from the ACLT – THEY NEED YOUR  SUPPORT RIGHT NOW!

Thank you to our supporters and dedicated volunteers for their tremendous help and efforts with various fundraising activities over the last year. Like many of you, 2010 was an extremely tough year for us as funding dwindled dramatically despite the hard work to boost income in innovative ways.

Our income comes from small public donations and proactive or reactive fundraising. Therefore we are left in a vulnerable position when charity giving falls. Contrary to public opinion there is a sustained and significant lack of long term investment in our work to support patients and donor recruitment in minority ethnic communities. Ultimately, our closure will put many more lives in serious jeopardy. On their behalf, we must all rise to the challenge and galvanise everyone to take immediate action.

Save the ACLT Charity Appeal

SOS! After our crisis discussions, on 6 January 2011 we launched an urgent charity crisis appeal to raise £80K. We started by emailing all ACLT Volunteers and key media & entertainment contacts to come together and build a strategy. We are encouraged by your initial responses and efforts to kick-start the campaign. This is evolving rapidly as our ‘Crisis’ team develops various ideas and recommendations.

Fight for survival Many are shocked and dismayed at what could happen to patients and their families if the charity folded. Encouragingly, many have already pledged their commitment to stop our closure in March…and beyond.

A promising start. We would like to thank our volunteers and supporters who have donated funds and ideas and have helped spread the word. In the first week, you helped us raise over £7K – that’s about £1K a day! January is a difficult month and donations have slowed down, so we need each and every one of you to help as we have under 70 days left to reach the minimum £80K.

ACLT needs you!

Beverley De-Gale and Orin Lewis, ACLT Co-Founders send an urgent plea to all ACLT supporters to take action for any financial assistance and support you can give.

5 steps to ‘Help Save the ACLT’

Our priority is to spread the word and raise as much as we can, as soon as we can.

* UK TAX PAYERS PLEASE REMEMBER TO GIFT AID YOUR DONATION *If 5,000 people gave £5 a month for 3 months = £75,000 + Gift Aid = £96,000!


*Secure online donation at www.aclt.org

Bring Cash in person to office, Post a Cheque, or donate £3 by texting ACLT to 70300

Go to SOS – SAVE the ACLT Appeal page for full details.

Help us raise funds between now and March 2011.

The ACLT has limited resources, so please consider how you and/or others can lead, facilitate or deliver your ideas.

Fundraising: Set up or host a fundraiser or event Marathons, Gold Challenge, ACLT 10K – sign up to or sponsor Mobile phone recycling and more at no cost to you.

Events Go to: Special Events & Benefits linked to the Save the ACLT Appeal Recommend Submit practical ideas and funding solutions Influential contacts or venues or media. Donate your expertise, services or facilities Media Patients and families – contact us to share your story in the news Ask for our latest Press releases.

Go to SOS – SAVE the ACLT Appeal page for full details.We need more blood or bone marrow donors to register as blood stocks fall over winter and patients are still waiting for a donor. We still believe in miracles!

Together we can beat this challenge and we thank you deeply for all for your ongoing support and well wishes.

Beverley De-Gale, Orin Lewis and the ACLT Family.
For more information please visit: WWW.ACLT.ORG

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